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Academics and Eligibility Requirements

This program allows you to study in Dublin, Ireland while enrolled in Citrus College courses. The courses are UC and/or CSU transferable.

Students from any college or university can participate in our study abroad programs as long as they meet the following eligibility requirements: a cumulative GPA of 2.5 and about 12 units of previous college level course work at an accredited college. First semester students may be accommodated if their campus coordinator approves a progress report. Students must be at least 18-years-old by the program start date.

If you are a student veteran, be sure to check in with the Veteran Success Center or contact director Maria Buffo at (626) 852-6457.


Study abroad is a transformative, life-altering experience that will broaden students' understanding of themselves and the world. There are numerous tangible benefits for study abroad alumni including increased self-confidence, improved GPA, lower unemployment rates, and higher starting salaries. Check out UC Merced's What Statistics Show about Study Abroad Students page for more information.

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