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Student Conduct and Discipline at Citrus

​​​​​​An important part of fulfilling the college's mission is providing a student discipline process that promotes student accountability and social responsibility, as well as maintaining a college environment that is respectful, inclusive, and collegial that is free from intimidation, threats, coercion, or violence.

The student affairs office is the campus information resource that faculty and students can use to problem-solve and reach agreements. The dean of students provides information regarding standards of conduct, academic dishonesty codes, campus policies, and procedures in resolving college related challenges encountered in pursuing personal educational goals, and due process.

Student discipline procedures facilitate the educational mission of the college. Student affairs employs a variety of methods in adjudicating student discipline cases. We work collaboratively with various Citrus College members from different student affairs, student services, academic affairs and community representatives to assess behavior of concern as an academic or non-academic situation.

Additionally, student affairs is committed to implementing California State Education Code Sections 66300, 66301, 72122, and 76030. The purpose of the student discipline procedures (administrative policy AP 5520) is to provide a prompt and equitable means to address violations of the standards of conduct (board policy BP5500), which guarantees to the student or students involved the due process rights guaranteed them by state and federal constitutional protections.

Student affairs has provided faculty, staff, and administration informational resources for student conduct procedures. Students, faculty, staff and administration are encouraged to explore this site's links in order to obtain further information.

College faculty, staff and ​administrators are encouraged to report violations to the dean of students​.​

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Student Conduct and Discipline at Citrus