Much information within the staff development website is offered via the portable document format (PDF) file type. If you find that you are unable to properly access any PDF files on the staff development website (including the areas of classified staff development and Faculty Learning Institute), please contact Caroline Tippins at and you will be provided with an accessible alternative.

11-7-12.pdf11 07 2012 minutes22 KB  
10-03-12.pdf10 03 2012 minutes21 KB  
09-12-12.pdf09 12 2012 minutes21 KB  
05-18-12rn.pdf05 18 2012 retreat notes16 KB  
04-04-12m.pdf04 04 2012 minutes54 KB  
04-03-13.pdf04 03 2013 minutes21 KB  
03-21-12.pdf03 21 2012 minutes52 KB  
03-07-12.pdf03 07 2012 minutes37 KB  
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