* Documents in the files below are offered via the portable document format (PDF) file type. If you find that you are unable to properly access any PDF files on/within the Bond Oversight Committee website, please contact Lori Amato at lamato@citruscollege.edu and you will be provided with an accessible/ADA compliant alternative.

21.04.2020resolution.pdfResolution 2020-21-04142 KB  
21.01.2020resolution.pdfResolution 2020-21-011937 KB  
01.05.2020resolution.pdfResolution 2020-01-05142 KB  
04.25.2003resolution.pdfResolution 2003-04-258 KB  
04.24.2003resolution.pdfResolution 2003-04-2411 KB  
04.13.2003resolution.pdfResolution 2003-04-1326 KB  
Reimbursement.pdfReimbursement Resolution9 KB  
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