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Real Estate Program at Citrus College

Citrus College has one of the fastest growing real estate programs in California. Citrus offers the fastest options to begin a new career in real estate.

Interested in becoming a real estate agent?
• Complete the requirements to take the state of California's Salesperson License Exam in just one semester in a variety of formats: online, in-person, hybrid.

Already a licensed agent and want to increase earning potential?
• Complete the additional education requirements to sit for the California Broker License Exam in one semester with the Fast-Track program.

Interested in joining a growing field within real estate?
• Complete the college education requirements to take the appraiser's license exam in just one semester, entirely online. BREA also requires a separate 15-hour USPAP course, an approved four-hour state and federal law course, and an approved four-hour supervisory/trainee course.

Why Citrus College?
• Citrus offers flexibility, fast-track options, and practical focus to help students quickly find a career in real estate. Our DRE and BREA approved program is designed to prepare students to become experts and leaders in the industry.
• Our program is designed to enable students to develop a clear action plan to launch a successful real estate career as quickly and effectively as possible.
• For each of the above areas of study, students will leave Citrus College with a certificate approved by the state of California

​Degrees and Certificates

Citrus College offers an A.S. degree and three certificates, all designed to open career paths upon completion. Visit Degrees and Certificates to learn about specific degrees/certificates offered and their careers opportunities.

Career Information

Real estate is an exciting field with a number of career options.

Review the Career Information page for more information on career options, descriptions, and salaries.

Appraisal Program

Citrus College is one of the few colleges in California that provide the courses to enter the rapidly growing field of appraisal. To learn more, visit the Real Estate Appraisal page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit the FAQ page for questions about how to apply, program schedule, costs, to see a sample schedule, and additional questions.

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Real Estate Program at Citrus College