Citrus College has been involved with sustainability since the mid-1990s. Many conservation projects have been completed on campus which have greatly reduced our energy and waste consumption. The College continues to identify new sustainable technologies for the campus and promote sustainable practices with students, faculty and staff.

In 2012, Citrus College was asked by the California community Colleges Chancellor’s office to help develop a sustainability plan template, which could be used as a roadmap and toolkit to guide all California Community College Districts toward a sustainable future. The sustainability plan template incorporates the elements of sustainability, satisfies state regulations, takes advantages of available resources and adopts the Best Practices of others who are further along the path of sustainability. As a result of this template, the Citrus Community College Sustainability Plan was created which articulates the mission and goals established by the College for sustainability, as well as the strategies to meet these goals.

Citrus College has always encouraged students, faculty and staff to be involved with the sustainability efforts. Organizations at Citrus have included Volunteer Corps and Earth Club. Memberships are open to all who are interested, students, faculty and staff. The purpose of the organizations is to educate and provide resources to the college community about carbon footprint, sustainability and how to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Citrus College will promote an active learning and participatory environment, where students, faculty and staff are immersed in quality education and collaborate with peers and industry professionals to encourage and create sustainability awareness and social responsibility, thereby fostering the advancement of sustainable practices and conservation of resources for the college proper, community and nation as a whole.