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Learning Communities: What Are They?
Learning Community classes are part of a new, growing program at Citrus College. These classes are offered in linked pairs, with instructors working together. The focus of this program is to form a single "community" made up of students, faculty, counselors and staff -- a network of relationships to help students achieve their full potential as learners.

Learning Communities: Why Join One?
Statistical studies amassed over the past twenty years have shown conclusively that students who enroll in learning communities will stay in school longer, make better grades, and enjoy their college experience more than students who take only traditional classes.

Learning Communities: How Do They Work?
All students enrolled in one class of the learning community are in the other class as well. Course assignments often involve material from both classes. Counseling is provided to each learning community either as one of the linked classes, or through the addition of an attached 'learning community' counselor.

This instructional format leads to stronger connections between students, between students and their instructors, and between students and the school itself. Currently, nearly half of all U.S. colleges have responded to this growing movement in education by transforming some part of their traditional class offerings into learning communities.