This page is designed to help YOU, the typical busy college student, be more successful in your educational goals. Whether it is the beginning of the semester, midterm or the sprint to final exams, you have no doubt experienced a bit of anxiety in trying to balance your personal, work and educational commitments. Are you in need of guidance? Good news! You have "clicked" to the right spot!

This page is separated into three distinct sections, paralleling three pathways which give guidance on providing an outcome that will draw you closer to your distinct goals.

  1. Academic Excellence
    1. College Success Resources
      The main web page for College Success is full of links to improve your success. You will find these links to the College Success Center, a College Success counselor, and Learning Communities.

      Here is a "one stop shop" of links to programs and resource centers you may not have heard about:


    3. Study Tips
      No matter what kind of course you are enrolled in at Citrus, this institution wants you to be the best you can possibly be and excel in class. Here are some "no-brainers" that are always worth repeating as you journey to the outcome you desire:
      • Regular attendance
        How are you going to be engaged in class if you are not on time, present, attentive and in attendance regularly in class? Communicate with your instructor. We all know to ask questions, but do you DO it? Do you make the extra effort to ask questions when you are confused? Most instructors love engaged and interactive students, so why not become one today?
      • Take clear and concise notes
        One of the fastest ways to become engaged in a class is to immerse yourself in it. Take thoughtful and concise notes that will help "jog" your memory later on when you are studying and reviewing.
      • Use the Learning Resource Center, otherwise known as the Library. Follow this link to find out all of the great resources you might be missing out on.
      • Make friends!
        A "study buddy" is one of the best ways to improve your success in class. It all starts with "hello!"
      • Use your student email and stay connected. Click here to sign up for your student email account.
      • Get involved! Through the ASCC you can join a club or student government.


  2. Job and Vocational Skills
    Now that you have some good resources to help lead you to academic excellence, you may need some help in deciding which ways to apply that knowledge. Perhaps you are looking to enter the job market sooner in a specialized vocational career. Here are some links to help you with the process:


  3. Life Long Dreams
    Whether your goal is to excel academically to achieve transfer to a four-year institution, or to achieve a degree, certificate or skill award, there is no doubt that YOU are here at Citrus to improve yourself and pursue your dreams.

    Spending some time "surfing" through the class schedule on Wingspan can help you find "target" classes suited to your individual pursuits.

    Be sure to check out the Continuing Education program.

    Remember, everyone at Citrus College is devoted to providing YOU with the information and resources to produce the successful outcome that you desire!