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SIGMA (Support and Inspire to Gain Motivation and Achievement) is a peer mentoring program supported through the RACE to STEM project. SIGMA was designed with the understanding that connecting college students to their peers has the potential to strengthen students' commitment to completing college coursework. SIGMA is a peer-facilitated, cooperative student support system available for all students enrolled in math and science courses.

SIGMA includes weekly scheduled sessions where peer facilitators assist other students with study tips and provide timely feedback, while facilitating discussion and active learning related to specific courses. The peer facilitators are students who successfully completed the courses to which the SIGMA sessions are linked. They are trained to foster effective student learning by encouraging active engagement with the course content. The peer facilitators are not there to re-teach lecture material. You can review the current schedule of SIGMA study group session here.

To become a Peer Mentor, you may fill out the online Peer Mentor application.