The $1 Student Representation Fee is to be used solely by the Associated Students of Citrus College (ASCC) to advocate and lobby for student legislative issues before city, county, state and/or federal government. The Student Representation Fee cannot be used to support individual candidates or campaigns.

Any student may for valid religious, political, financial, or moral reason refuse to pay this fee by completing the Student Representation Fee Waiver Form prior to registering. Please do this early. It may take up to one full business day for the fee to be waived. This fee is non-refundable.

How Will The Student Representation Fee Be Used?
The $1 Student Representation Fee is regulated by the California Education Code 76060.5. Funds may only be utilized by the ASCC to fund various opportunities for students of Citrus College. Examples of how the fund may be used include:

  1. Travel expenses for lobbying and/or advocacy of students
  2. Leadership and advocacy training, awareness and information
  3. Attendance at conferences and meetings of student-centered, non-partisan organizations
  4. Organizational dues and/or special donations to the statewide student organization or any other recognized student lobby association that works on behalf of community college students
  5. Advertisements consisting of information about legislative issues of interest to the student body at large
  6. Purchasing of equipment and supplies used for lobbying and/or advocacy such as computers, printers, faxes, modems, software, postage, and accessories
  7. Subscriptions to newsletters and/or magazines of higher education
  8. Hosting non-partisan conferences or meetings on legislative issues

For Information on Current Student Issues:
Student Senate for California Community Colleges (SSCCC)
California Legislative Information 
American Student Association of Community Colleges 

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