Any conduct or behavior that disrupts the learning environment is a potential violation of the Standards of Conduct as written in the Citrus College catalog. Any conduct or behavior that interferes with any students attaining his or hers academic goals, maintaining the orderly operations of the college, or presents a threat to the health and safety of the campus community is a behavior of concern. All students enrolled at Citrus College are expected to adhere to the Standards of Conduct (BP 5500). Violation of the Student Conduct Code shall constitute misconduct or "good cause" for discipline proceedings (AP 5520), including but not limited to the removal, suspension, or expulsion of a student.

Classroom Conduct and Disruptions
Do not allow students to be disruptive and disrespectful (of you or other students). The following steps are recommended if you have a disruptive student:

  • Consider taking the student outside the classroom and tell him/her specifically how his/her behavior is unacceptable and in violation of the Standards of Conduct.
  • Notify the student using the Warning Letter to report alleged violation.
  • Instructors may remove student from class for the remainder of the day and the next class day meeting if student interferes with instructional process. Report student removal to division dean and use the Notice of Suspension Letter to report the specific violation. Attach a copy of the Board Policy BP 5500 to the letter.
  • For immediate action, contact Campus Safety (626) 914-8611 or 911 immediately if the student is threatening, abusive, or posing a danger to self or others.

Non-Instructional Violations
We encouraged you to report violations and/or behavior of concern to the Dean of Students by filling out the Student Conduct Violation Form. This form is provided for students, faculty, staff or other appropriate individuals to file written charges when a student is alleged to have committed violations of Citrus College's Standards of Conduct (BP 5500).