Faculty and Staff Responsibility
Faculty and staff may be the first to notice a student of concern, and/or experience student behavior causing concern, discomfort, or interfere with work or the education of other students. The Student Conduct Team offers a guide - Assisting the Emotionally Distressed Student - to provide concrete advice on how to aid emotionally distressed students, as well as offer steps on how to refer them for help.  It is recommended having familiarity and utilizing the services available to help extinguish any possible issues when they arise.

Faculty and Staff Resources
There may be a time when disruptive classroom behavior occurs or an emotionally distressed student whose actions are in violation of the Standards of Conduct (BP 5500). The Office of Student Affairs has provided faculty and staff with informational resources to help manage classroom and/or student conduct issues.


1. Instructor may remove student from class for two class periods if student has interfered with the instructional process.
2. Report removal to division dean.
3. Use Notice of Warning or Suspension Letter to report removal of student. Copy division dean and Dean of Students.
4. Records of removal by the instructor will be retained by Dean of Students.


Student Conduct Warning Letter (fillable form)
Student Conduct Suspension Letter after Warning (fillable form)
Student Conduct Suspension Letter (fillable form)
Student Conduct Violation Form

Student Conduct Warning Letter
Student Conduct Suspension Letter after Warning 
Student Conduct Suspension Letter


1. Report behavior of concern to Dean of Students by filling out the Student Conduct Violation Form.
2. If the behavior of concern is life threatening, immediately call Dean of Students, Campus Safety (626) 914-8611, and/or 911.
3. Dean of Students will assess student of concern and identify appropriate intervention with BAIT Team.

BP 5500
AP 5520
Student Conduct Process
Student Conduct Violation Form
Student Conduct Team Guide