Citrus College students are responsible for being honest and ethical for their academic work at all times. Cheating and plagiarism will not be tolerated. The instructor has the right to respond to academic dishonesty in a manner they deem appropriate.

Faculty play a large role in promoting a climate of academic integrity and preventing acts of academic dishonesty by helping students become aware of the Standards of Conduct and general guidelines covering academic integrity on the course syllabus.

Consequences of Academic Dishonesty
The consequences for cheating and plagiarism can be as mild as a warning or as serious as a reprimand and/or "zero" grade on the assignment or exam in question. The instructor may remove the student from class for two consecutive class periods.

Recommended Actions - First-time Offenders
1) Promptly discuss the incident of cheating with the student outside of class, document the incident, email the division dean, and complete Student Conduct Violation Form.
2) The division dean may choose to send the student an Academic Dishonesty Warning Letter as the disciplinary action.
3) The instructor has the authority to give a lower or failing grade for the assignment in question, but not to award a failing course grade for one incident of cheating or plagiarism, unless failing the assignment is significantly weighted to cause the student to also fail the course. A Grade Consequence Letter should be provided to the student and include course title, date/time/nature of the incident, the sanction, and the process for appeal.
4) Report the incident of cheating if there is a grade consequence to the division dean and Dean of Students.
5) If the instructor feels uncomfortable addressing the student alone, a meeting should be set up with the student and division dean to address disciplinary actions.

Recommended Actions – Repeat Offenders
If there is evidence of serious or repeated violations, and if the instructor seeks to suspend or expel the student, then a the separate, formal hearing process, contained in accordance with AP 5520, Section 7, should be initiated.