Citrus College offers the first two years of a university education. Counselors and advisors are available to help you plan your transfer program, and the Transfer Center counselors can assist you in choosing and applying to the university that is right for you.

University education in the United States requires students to take a variety of introductory "general education" courses in several fields, including language and critical thinking, natural sciences, cultural studies, and social and behavioral sciences.

At Citrus College, you are able to complete general education courses, as well as courses required for your major to transfer to a university to complete your bachelor's degree.

By choosing to complete your transfer program at Citrus College, you will receive a high quality education at a very low cost.

You will also have the advantage to transferring to a possibly more prestigious school, due to already having U.S. college credits.

If you currently desire to transfer in to Citrus College from another US high school, language school, college, or university with a valid I-20, you can submit the Transfer Eligibility form below to your current school to request to start the transfer process.

Click here to download the Transfer Eligibility form.