The Early Decision Program is offered to graduating seniors in Citrus College's district high schools (Glendora, Azusa, Gladstone, Monrovia, Duarte and Claremont). Students who are interested in participating should contact their respective school's Career/College Center during the fall semester for information on the program.

Frequently Asked Questions about Early Decision

Program Components

Classroom Presentations
Classroom presentations are conducted in senior classes. Citrus College Outreach staff make presentations about going to college, review the benefits of a community college education, discuss how college life is structured, what is offered at Citrus College, and describe the components of the Early Decision program.

Application Workshops
Application workshops are conducted in the district high schools. The online application is conducted in group settings in computer labs at the high schools. Outreach staff goes through step-by-step on how to complete the admissions application.

Campus Visitations
Citrus College outreach staff makes regular visitations to district high school campuses throughout the school year to meet with students interested in attending Citrus College and conduct individualized and group assistance as well as follow-up with students. Forms and flyers are made available to students.

Placement Testing/Orientation
Students are bused to the college for placement testing. Citrus College Outreach staff proctor the online placement test. Testing is done in group settings. Following placement testing, Citrus College Counselors and Educational Advisors conduct orientation. During the orientation, counselors review general education requirements, how to develops a schedule, and explain the placement test results.