The Student Health Center offers the following services to currently enrolled students. There is no charge for the college nurse, nurse practitioner, physician or mental health counseling. Some tests, medications and procedures require a minimal fee.

Health Care Services for Students
• Treatment of acute illness/ambulatory care
• Immunizations (Tetanus, Hepatitis B series, Measles/Mumps/Rubella, Influenza)
• Tuberculin skin tests
• Over-the-counter (non-prescription medications)
• Condoms and personal hygiene items
• Blood pressure and weight checks
• Commonly used prescription medications at low cost prescribed by campus health care providers (physician and/or nurse practitioner)
• Family planning services/women's health
• Plan B - emergency contraception
• Sexually transmitted disease testing
• Off-campus referrals as needed
• Short term personal counseling

Promotion of Positive Health Outcomes for Students
• Health education materials (audio-visual, brochures, reference files)
• AIDS information, referral resources
• Substance abuse information and referral resources
• Eating disorders information and referral resources
• 12-step program referrals
• Accident and medical insurance information

Students are invited to visit the Student Health Center or call (626) 914-8671 for information and/or appointments. Hours sometimes vary for college health nurses, nurse practitioners, physicians and other health care personnel.

PLEASE NOTE: For safety reasons, children are NOT allowed in the Student Health Center. Thank you for your cooperation and we apologize for the inconvenience.