Confidentiality and Your Privacy

Medical confidentiality is assured for all care and services at the Student Health Center, except where the safety of the students or others is at risk, or as required by law, such as mandated reporting of certain infectious diseases and abuse.

All patient information is held in strict confidence according to HIPAA and FERPA guidelines. No detailed information will be transmitted to others without the student's written consent or direction, except as noted above. A confidential medical record is established and maintained for every patient. Records will be released only with a student's signed consent.


Please review Patients' Rights and Responsibilities.

Excuse Note Policy

The Student Health Center utilizes a no-note policy. We do not issue medical excuse notes for academic deficiencies. In the event of illness or injury that is expected to result in significant academic disruption, the student is advised to contact his or her professor(s) as soon as possible to notify them of the anticipated delinquency. Whether the disruption is a missed test, late assignment, or absence from class, early notification of the professor is very important.

Why We Do This
An ill student is the only one that is able to determine if they are too ill to fulfill expected academic responsibility. The student must honestly decide whether or not they can do their work and take responsibility for this.

Furthermore, the academic relationship between student and professor must remain in the classroom. The health care professionals at the health center are not able to function as independent - and omniscient - arbitrators regarding whether a student feels too ill to do their work.

An additional consideration is appropriate utilization of limited healthcare resources. A student should not be required to seek medical care solely for the purpose of obtaining a sick note. We recognize that there are extenuating and unusual circumstances that may occur and those will be handled on a case by case basis.