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Financial Aid Eligible Educational Goals and Certificate Programs

Eligible Financial Aid Educational Goals are:
A – Associate and Transfer to a Four-Year College
B - Transfer to Four-Year Institution without Associate
C – Two-Year Associate Degree w/out Transfer
E – Vocational Certificate w/out Transfer

Eligible 2013-2014 Financial Aid Certificate Programs:
Accounting (20 units)
Administration of Justice (21 units)
Administrative Office Occupations (24 units)
Architectural Design (40 units) Audio Recording Technology (36 units)
Automotive Service, Diagnosis and Repair - Master Technician (57 units)
Automotive Service, Diagnosis and Repair - Under Hood Specialist (26 units)
Automotive Service, Diagnosis and Repair - Toyota/Lexus/Scion Tech (62 units)
Automotive Service, Diagnosis and Repair - Undercar/Drive Train Specialist (26 units)
Ceramics - One Year (21 units)
Ceramics - Two Year (39 units)
Child Development Master Teacher (49 units)
Child Development Teacher (40 units)
Commercial Dance (49 units)
Computer Aided Design (CAD) - Architecture and Drafting (19 units)
Computer Generated Imagery (22 units)
Cosmetology (55 units)
Dental Assistant (30 units)
Digital and Web Design (30 units)
Emerging Theatre Technologies (34 units)
Esthetician (19 units)
Information Technology (22 units)
Medium and Heavy Diesel Truck Technology (32 units)
Photography (21 units)
Public Works Level I (18 units)
Public Works Level II -(37 units)
Vocational Nursing (50 units)
Water Technology (18 units)
Wild Land Resources and Forestry (22 units)

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