The Citrus College Foundation scholarship online application is now CLOSED.

If you are a Citrus College Scholarship Foundation recipient, you will be notified by the Foundation office in late July to early August 2017.

 If you are not a recipient of a Citrus College Scholarship Foundation, the Financial Aid office will notify you through your Citrus student email in late July early August 2017.

Useful Scholarship Hints
Scholarship Essay Guide
Scholarship Scams Tip Sheet
Secret Tips for Scholarship Success

Be Aware of Scholarship Scams
• Don't pay for help to find money for college
• Don't pay for the FAFSA
• Beware of identity theft
• Report Financial Aid Fraud
• Don't give in to pressure tactics or a guarantee that you will receive aid. Citrus College students may qualify for awards from external organizations and we encourage you to pursue all opportunities available.

Click here to review external resources offering scholarships to currently enrolled students.