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Bookshare® is a searchable, online library of digital books available free of charge to people with print disabilities. The collection includes textbooks, novels, periodicals and assistive technology tools for readers of all ages. Users can have memberships through their school, organization, and/or an individual membership for use at home. Reading materials are downloaded electronically and then read using compatible adaptive technology, typically software that reads the book aloud (text-to-speech) and/or displays the text of the book on a computer screen, or Braille access devices, such as refreshable Braille displays. There is even an app for use with the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.
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College Resources for Students with Disabilities
Support, advocacy and assistive technology to facilitate the transition to higher education

Disability Resources for College Students

DSP&S Progress Report
The DSP&S Progress Report form is tool to help students to keep on track in classes. Students may provide a copy of the form to instructors as a way to request their academic standing, once complete appointments may be requested with a DSP&S counselor or advisor to discuss strategies to improve grades. Further directions and tips can be found on the back of the form.

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Helping Students with Visual Impairments