New Students

Students who are entering Citrus College for the first time from high school should pay special attention to the differences between high school and college services. The following information may be helpful:

Have an academic goal or major in mind

Your decision to attend college should be made with an academic goal in mind. It is important to gain a clear understanding of the college's certificate programs and associate degree requirements when considering a goal. You may make an appointment to meet with a Citrus College Counselor in the Counseling and Advisement Center for assistance. It is not unusual for students to be undecided during the first semester.

Orientation for Students with Disabilities

Students new to DSPS will have a one-on-one Accommodation Orientation with the Educational Advisor to review academic accommodations, DSPS services, and campus resources after the initial intake appointment. If your intake appointment is after the start of the semester or you need assistance with e-mail, class registration, or other guidance for Citrus College before your intake appointment, you may request an appointment with the Educational Advisor in DSPS.

Kya Lisum, educational advisor
(626) 852-6406

Services Agreement

New students are provided a yellow copy of their services agreement during their intake appointment. It is the only document provided to verify a student is registered with DSPS, DSPS does not notify instructors in most cases. Students are responsible for showing a copy of this form to their instructors if they request accommodations. However, students should NOT give their original copy to their instructors. Students are encouraged to approach their instructors personally to discuss their disability as it relates to learning and the support services and/or modifications that would be most helpful.

Service agreements need to be updated every academic year, continuing students will receive a copy of the updated agreement. Service agreements are dated and students are responsible for scheduling appointments to keep their agreement up-to-date. Students who misplace the service agreement may request a copy from the DSPS office on Fridays.