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Skill Awards Offered at Citrus

Some departments, based on the satisfactory completion of a course or a sequence of courses, issue a Skill Award.

Total units taken for a Skill Award may not exceed 12 units. A Skill Award may verify and provide documentation of proficiency for entry-level employment requirements, job upgrades and application into fields that require documentation of specific coursework.

If you have questions regarding a skill award listed below, please contact the Counseling and Advisement Department and make an appointment with an advisor or counselor at (626) 914-8530.


 Skill Awards

SkillAwardPolicy.pdf*Citrus College Skill Awards - Policy and Procedures30 KB3/25/2011 1:35 PMJerry Capwell 
Child Development Associate Teacher - Skill Award - Fall 2011-Sum2013.pdfChild Development Associate Teacher - Fall 2011 through Summer 201347 KB7/12/2013 2:51 PMJerry Capwell 
Child Development Associate Teacher - Skill Award - eff Fall 2013.pdfChild Development Associate Teacher - Fall 201346 KB7/12/2013 2:50 PMJerry Capwell 
Emergency Medical Technician - Spring 2009.pdfEmergency Medical Technician - Spring 200948 KB3/18/2011 4:38 PMJerry Capwell 
Engine Rebuilding and Machining - Spring 2009.pdfEngine Rebuilding and Machining - Spring 200950 KB3/18/2011 4:34 PMJerry Capwell 
General Office Clerk - Winter 2010.pdfGeneral Office Clerk - Winter 201063 KB3/24/2011 4:16 PMJerry Capwell 
Home Health Aide - Spring 2009.pdfHome Health Aide - Spring 200948 KB3/18/2011 4:43 PMJerry Capwell 
Infant and Child Development Associate Teacher - Spring 2009.pdfInfant and Child Development Associate Teacher - Spring 200950 KB3/18/2011 4:41 PMJerry Capwell 
Information File Clerk - Winter 2010.pdfInformation File Clerk - Winter 201061 KB3/24/2011 4:18 PMJerry Capwell 
Nurse Assistant - Spring 2009.pdfNurse Assistant - Spring 200948 KB3/18/2011 4:42 PMJerry Capwell 
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