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Counseling and Advisement Center

Important Deadline Date for New Fall 2014 Students
Monday, June 16, 2014
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From assessing students skills to identifying career goals and selecting appropriate classes, the Counseling and Advisement Center offers the specialized services students may need for success at Citrus College and beyond.

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With the assistance of professional counselors and educational advisors, Citrus College students:
* satisfy the assessment, orientation and advisement requirements of matriculation
* complete the college's orientation;
* develop an educational plan appropriate to their goals, and reevaluate as necessary to reflect changes; 
* gain a clear understanding of the college's certificate programs and associate degree and transfer requirements;  
* review their study habits and increase their opportunities for academic success through Early Alert Workshops; and
* discuss personal concerns and issues affecting their academic progress one-on-one with a counselor.


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Students with economic, social and language disadvantages receive positive encouragement through the Extended Opportunities Program and Services (EOP&S) where additional services include: peer advising, tutoring and assistance with books and supplies.


Students with disabilities receive support from staff in the Disabled Students Program and Services (DSP&S) including: specialized assessment and diagnosis of learning disabilities; computer access; academic, career and personal counseling designed for the student living with a disability and academic accommodations.


Student athletes are advised by the Athletic Counselor in matters dealing with educational, vocational, athletic and personal matters.


Those students who are undecided in their educational goals are referred to the Career and Transfer Center to assess their interests, and match these interests with career options, and become familiar with transfer requirements. Students work in conjunction to develop an educational plan for transfer to a four-year institution, or learn about the Honors Program.

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