Citrus College wants to help new students to succeed and earn an earlier registration date by completing the four steps and reviewing the "Important Thinks to Know" below.

STEP 1: Application

Complete the online application at least 10 days prior to the assessment test. Click here to begin the application.

STEP 2. Assessment

Attend the English/ESL and math assessment. The assessment must be completed before attending an orientation session. You are required to bring a photo ID AND a PRINTED document from Citrus College with your name and student ID number on it (i.e. - Welcome Letter received after application is processed). Click here to access the New Student Assessment/Orientation Session schedule. Students who completed an assessment at another college can submit their placement results to the Admissions and Records Office.

STEP 3: Orientation

AFTER attending the assessment, complete an orientation session. The orientation is required and can be satisfied in any of the following formats.

In-Person Orientation (recommended for new students)
New Student Assessment/Orientation Session
Assessments/Orientations held at local high schools
Early Decision Day at Citrus College (only available through high school districts)
Online Orientation
For orientation completion credit, it is important to access the English, Spanish or Accessible versions (not Guest version), accurately enter Citrus College ID number (begin with capital A or CC), complete all quizzes, and print out the "Congratulations" page at the end of the workshop.

STEP 4: Student Educational Plan (SEP)

Check with the Counseling and Advisement Center, or appropriate counseling office in which you are eligible to receive services to complete a SEP.

Students with 15 units or less – Non-exempt first-time students with 15 college units or less will be able to complete an abbreviated SEP (first semester plan) during a counseling appointment or Course Planning Session.
Students with 16 units or more – Non-exempt first time students are advised to meet with a counselor during an individual appointment to create a SEP. Prior to the appointment, students must complete assessment, complete orientation, declare a course of study, and official college transcripts must be on file.



A course of study is a chosen educational program, major or area of emphasis, course sequence for transfer preparation, or English as a Second Language proficiency to achieve the student's educational goal. Career workshops and counselors are available to help students in determining their course of study.

Earlier registration is given to students who complete orientation, assessment, create a SEP, maintain good grades and progress, and do not exceed 100 units of degree applicable coursework. The new changes began spring 2014. SEPs will be required to maintain priority registration beginning fall 2014. Continuing students continuously enrolled prior to the fall 2014 semester are exempted from the SEP requirement. For additional information, please refer to the Priority Registration page or Enrollment Priorities Administrative Procedures 5055.

A student may be exempted from Student Success and Support Program (SSSP) activities including orientation, assessment, counseling or advisement (including SEP) based on the following:

  • Completed an associate degree or higher from a regionally accredited college.
  • Enrolled at the college solely to take a course that is legally mandated for paid or volunteer employment or necessary in response to a significant change in industry or licensure standards.
  • Enrolled at the college as a concurrent high school student.
If you meet an exemption criterion and elect to be exempt from SSSP activities, complete this form and meet with a counselor/advisor during a drop-in counter service located in the Counseling and Advisement Center. Appropriate documentation is required for processing.