The Decision Process: Things to Consider

  • What grade do you want to teach?
  • What college do you want to attend?
  • What financial resources might be available?
  • Would you like to job shadow a teacher?

Visit the Center for Teacher Excellence

Citrus College students benefit from the advice and guidance provided by the Center for Teacher Excellence. They receive the information needed to make well informed decisions. The Center for Teacher Excellence will help you build an educational plan, gain technology skills, and make sure you have the resources to meet your educational goal.

Take the Required Exams
First, you must take the CBEST (California Basic Education Skills Test). Depending on the type of credential you choose, other exams will be necessary. It is recommended you take the CBEST when you have successfully passed your college-level math and English classes at Citrus prior to your transfer to a four-year university.

Earn a Bachelor's Degree
The Center for Teacher Excellence will offer guidance in choosing a major and credential pathway that best suits your interests. It is helpful to choose a major that will help you prepare to teach a particular subject matter. For example, a Liberal Studies major is suitable for elementary teachers because it provides a diversified general education pattern.

Enter a Credential Program
A traditional program involves earning a bachelor's degree first, followed by a one-year credential program. There are also other options available, depending on the level you would like to teach and the university where you will earn your BA degree.

Complete your Student Teaching Experience
There are a variety if intern programs, depending on the university you will attend and the school districts in your area, that will allow candidates to work as a teacher while earning their credential.