Academic program review consists of on-going, high quality peer reviews of all the college's academic programs on a six-year cycle, a two-year cycle for career technical educational (CTE) programs, and program reviews for instructional support areas.

The purpose of program review is to foster academic excellence, to determine how to raise the quality of every department, and to provide guidance for faculty and administrative decisions in support of continual future improvement.  Title 5, Section 51022, Instructional Programs

The six-year cycle of program review evaluates each academic program by five criteria:
· Mission refers to how the program fits into the college's mission.
· Need addresses why the program is necessary/needed.
· Quality addresses whether the curriculum meets District and Title V standards, whether there is faculty development, and whether the faculty minimum qualifications are appropriate.
· Feasibility corresponds to facility, faculty/staff and equipment needs as well as library resources.
· Compliance addresses whether the program is compliant with federal, state and District regulations, licenses and standards.


Completed Academic Program Reviews
Six-Year Academic Program Reviews
Six-Year Instructional Support Program Reviews
Two-Year Career-Technical Program Reviews 
One-Year Program Summaries and Worksheets 2008-2009
Program Review Datasheets 2008-2009


For Departments Preparing for Program Review
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