Online Education (OE) provides students who have limited availability, may live at a distance, or have a physical disability an opportunity to access college-level courses online.

OE classes have the same content as regular classes; they are just presented in a different manner. For most distance education courses, you are required to take exams and do homework just like traditional courses, but there is limited or no classroom time.

There are three methods of instruction at Citrus College that utilize the Internet:

  • Online education courses are online
  • Hybrid courses have materials online and also require attendance in a traditional classroom or on campus
  • Web enhanced courses utilize Internet technology to enhance delivery of material on campus in a traditional classroom setting
  • Full term courses for fall and spring are 16 weeks. Fall and spring also offer eight week courses either the first eight weeks or the second eight weeks of the semester. Winter courses are six weeks. Summer courses are six or eight weeks

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