Blackboard logoWhat is Blackboard?
Blackboard is the online learning system used for many courses (online and traditional) at Citrus College. To access Blackboard, click the logo to the right or use the following link: 

When you register and pay your fees at Citrus College through Wingspan a Blackboard account will be established for you. The process may take 6-12 hours. You will then be able to login to Blackboard. NOTE: You will not be able to see your class(es) until your instructor releases their site. If you are not able to see a class on the first day of class, contact your instructor.

How do I log into Blackboard?
You will use the same Student ID and PIN (Personal Identification Number) that you use to log into Wingspan.  Your Wingspan PIN will become your Blackboard password.

Wingspan student ID = Blackboard username (example: CC0312345 or A00012345)
Wingspan PIN = Blackboard password (example: 102375)

Here is an example of the login for a student with ID: CC0312345:

Username: cc0312345
Password: 102375

Note: You must enable cookies in your web browser to access the Blackboard Learning System. If cookies are not enabled in the web browser, users may not be able to access Blackboard.

How to change your PIN number (password) and complete Citrus Alert. You need to make these changes in WingSpan in the secure area. WingSpan will update Blackboard in 6-12 hours. 

How Do I Access My Email Account
When you enroll at Citrus College through Wingspan, you will be issued a Citrus College student email account. Official email communication will be sent to this account. Students can redirect to their personal account, if they choose.

What should I do if I cannot log into Blackboard?
When you have registered for a course at Citrus College (and updated your email in Wingspan), the process to establish your Blackboard account will take 6-12 hours to complete. If, by the next business day, you are still unable to log on, please email and request assistance or stop by the Online Education desk in the CI (Center for Innovation) building, CI 102.  Each time you change your Wingspan PIN there will be a 6-12 hour process before the new PIN/ password is recognized by Blackboard.

What if I've forgotten my Blackboard password (Wingspan PIN)?
You can reset/change your PIN in Wingspan and it will update your Blackboard password in 6-12 hours. When you go to the login page in Wingspan, choose "Forgot PIN" and follow the directions.

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