Effective Fall 2014


  • Exams must be delivered no later than 7:30 a.m. exam day, including a Testing Request Form (available online or at the Testing Center), to ensure processing. Earlier delivery whenever possible is appreciated.
  • Testing Request Form must include all pertinent information including: names of DSP&S students, time allotted for exam, materials allowed, and delivery method of exam once completed.
  • Deliver paper tests via email as attachments (if fewer than 10 copies), or hard copy in person.
  • For Chi Tester or Blackboard exams, a hard copy of the test is helpful in case systems are down and we have to administer hard copies of the exam.
  • Exams may be returned via campus mail, or we can hold the test in the Testing Office, depending on your request. *PLEASE NOTE: campus mail can take one week or more and we cannot track tests sent via campus mail. Instructors also have the option of having students return an exam in a security envelope. Please make sure to indicate preference on Testing Request Form.
  • For students requesting large print or Braille, instructors must have exams delivered to the Alternate Media Specialist, Laks Floriano, at SS 132, or emailed to lfloriano@citruscollege.edu, no later than one week prior to exam date.