What is Student Employment Services? 
Student Employment Services (SES) is a free job referral service for currently enrolled Citrus College students, as well as for alumni. 

SES posts job opportunities online which offer a wide variety of employment opportunities, from full-time to part-time, permanent to temporary, day or night, on-campus or off-campus. The job opportunities are continually being updated to provide job seekers with the most up-to-date job openings.

SES also offers various job preparation resources such as helping the students with job search techniques, interviewing skills and resume writing.

Hours of Operation
Monday through Thursday from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.  

How can Employers Benefit from Student Employment Services?
Student Employment Services (SES) is a valuable resource for personnel managers and business owners. Job openings can be phoned in or faxed to SES, which are then posted online for students and alumni to view. There is no charge to employers for this service.

As protection for both the employers and for our students, we do not accept any "in-home" positions such as for domestic or home-based businesses.

All positions must have a guaranteed base salary of at least minimum wage.

Other Services Provided by Student Employment Services:

Federal Work Study
SES locates and tracks job openings for students who have been awarded work study funds as part of their financial aid award.

On-Campus Student Employment Processing
If hired to work on-campus as a student worker at Citrus College, SES processes all of the personnel and payroll documents required.

Cooperative Work Experience: Program not currently available

Student Employment Objectives

To the student, the objective is to offer a variety of relevant and useful job opportunities and job preparation information to meet their diverse and unique needs. It is also a means for the students to locate jobs on campus or within local communities which they may not have otherwise known about.

To the college, the objective is to help increase identity and enrollment by showing the students that, in addition to obtaining a great education, they may take advantage of an added benefit of free job search resources.

To the community, the objective is to involve the local community by employing Citrus students and becoming more involved with their development. The community will also gain a valuable means of obtaining employees.