Associate Dean Career Technical Education.pdfAssociate Dean of Career Technical Education48 KB  
Associate Director of Facilities and Construction.pdfAssociate Director of Facilities and Construction31 KB  
Associate Director Fiscal Services.pdfAssociate Director of Fiscal Services49 KB  
Chief Information Services Officer.pdfChief Information Services Officer49 KB  
Dean Academic Affairs.pdfDean of Academic Affairs51 KB  
Dean of Career, Technical and Continuing Education.pdfDean of Career, Technical and Continuing Education89 KB  
Dean of Enrollment Services.pdfDean of Enrollment Services49 KB  
Dean of Students.pdfDean of Students47 KB  
Director for Student Support Services.pdfDirector for Student Support Services125 KB  
Director of Communications.pdfDirector of Communications121 KB  
Director of EOPS CARE and CalWORKs.pdfDirector of EOPS CARE and CalWORKs49 KB  
Director of Facilities and Construction.pdfDirector of Facilities and Construction49 KB  
Director of Financial Aid.pdfDirector of Financial Aid48 KB  
Director of Fiscal Services.pdfDirector of Fiscal Services49 KB  
Director of Foundation.pdfDirector of Foundation128 KB  
Director of Grant Project Race to STEM.pdfDirector of Grant Project Race to STEM49 KB  
Director of Haugh Performing Arts Center.pdfDirector of Haugh Performing Arts Center45 KB  
Director of Health Sciences.pdfDirector of Health Sciences49 KB  
Director of Human Resources.pdfDirector of Human Resources123 KB  
Director of Institutional Research, Planning and Effectiveness.pdfDirector of Institutional Research, Planning and Effectiveness71 KB  
Director of Purchasing and Warehouse.pdfDirector of Purchasing and Warehouse34 KB  
Enterprise Services Manager.pdfEnterprise Services Manager32 KB  
Executive Director of Communications and External Relations.pdfExecutive Director of Communications and External Relations32 KB  
Manager of Human Resources Staff Diversity.pdfManager of Human Resources Staff Diversity121 KB  
Vice President of Academic Affairs.pdfVice President of Academic Affairs43 KB  
062014 Vice President of Finance  Administrative Services.pdfVice President of Finance  Administrative Services103 KB  
062014 Vice President of Student Services.pdfVice President of Student Services38 KB  
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