Prospect research is the process through which the Foundation attempts to identify individuals who have the capacity to make a gift to the college and, at the same time, either already have a relationship with the college, or might have an interest in developing a relationship with the college.

What is it that might stimulate a person to want to become involved with the college? Generally, the individual becomes aware of one or more programs, services, activities or projects at the college. The college provides a wide range of programs and services. Many of these have achieved special recognition, and it is not uncommon for a prospective donor to find one or more for which he or she might feel an affinity and want to support.

A second stimulus to developing a relationship with the college might occur because a prospective donor knows and respects one or more of the Foundation board members or a member of the college faculty or staff. From them, the prospective donor might learn about a particular program or need at the college in which the individual might have a special interest.

Alumni have a special awareness and linkage with the college. Many donors to the Foundation are alumni or family members of alumni.

In order to help prospective donors become more aware of the college's functions, the Foundation, in sponsors the following public relations activities:  

  • Lunches with the college president
  • Lunch meetings with individual prospects
  • Newsletter - Bright Futures
  • Annual Reports
  • Special events, ribbon cuttings, open houses  
  • Press releases
  • Personal correspondences to current donors
  • Web site
  • Foundation board meetings
  • Liaison with college faculty, classified staff, student association, and board of trustees
  • Donor Recognition Program