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Citrus College Continuing Education offers lifelong personal and professional development opportunities designed to sharpen professional skills or help students learn new activities they can enjoy in their leisure time. Continuing education classes include Noncredit Courses and Community Education classes, the college doesn't give college credit for these classes; however, a few classes may offer continuing education credits that are required by some professions. Whatever your reason to enroll, Continuing Education at Citrus College makes it easy and fun to learn.

Noncredit Courses (Tuition Free)
Noncredit education supplements students' continued growth and skills development through classes that include basic skills, English as a Second Language (ESL), HVAC and other career/vocational preparation and job upskilling. Enrollment in noncredit classes is tuition free and continues throughout the school year.

Community Education Classes (Fee Based)
Citrus College Community Education classes are supported by your class fees, not state funds. Community Education offers moderately-priced classes, workshops, fitness, health and self activities for persons who want to develop their professional skills, start or grow a business, enrich their cultural experiences, their lives and their relationships, or participate in entertainment and recreational activities. Classes are offered at the Citrus College Campus, at off site locations and online.