Purpose of Parking Regulations
To ensure the safety of both vehicles and pedestrians in parking lots as well as to maximize the utility of the lots.


Parking Procedures
Included in the Parking Guidelines is a description of enforcement practices, parking restrictions, permit displays and permit violations.


Concept of Enforcement – Fair and Equitable
It is important to understand that parking enforcement at Citrus College is a necessary part of the overall parking management system. Enforcement of parking rules at Citrus College is the responsibility of the Campus Safety. Parking enforcement ensures that students and employees will have a reasonable opportunity for parking and that individuals without appropriate authority or who have parked in an inappropriate area will be cited.

Campus Safety personnel have the authority to issue parking citations under the auspices of the California Vehicle Code. Individuals who receive parking citations and neglect to pay appropriate fines may not be able to register their vehicles with the DMV. It is important that individuals who receive parking citations take appropriate action to either pay the fine or file an appeal through http://citruscollege.thepermitstore.com.

An unfortunate aspect of parking enforcement continues to be the adversarial attitude of some students and staff who receive parking citations. All complaints regarding parking enforcement should be directed to the Campus Safety Office for appropriate review and response through the appeals process.


Help and Further Information
Parking guidelines are enclosed with the parking permit, which are distributed to all students and employees when ordering their permits. Students, employees and visitors can obtain further information at the Campus Safety Office. Campus maps are available at the Campus Safety Office and on this website.


Parking Availability
The college provides approximately 3,250 parking stalls for students and employees. In addition, spaces designated as disabled, meter, loading or client are provided throughout the campus; they are signed and labeled appropriately.


Enforcement Practices
The Citrus College Parking Procedures, the California Vehicle Code and the ordinances of the City of Glendora are in effect and enforced on the Citrus College campus at all times. Citations are issued according to the printed and posted regulations.


24-Hour Enforcement Zones
It is the policy of the department that all red zones, fire lanes/hydrants, college district vehicle parking, disabled parking, loading zones, and the reserved parking for the superintendent/president, will be enforced 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Disabled Parking Rules and Regulations
Spaces for handicapped drivers are available in all campus lots. Vehicles using these spaces must display a valid DMV placard or temporary permit. The minimum fine for illegally parking in a handicap space is $330.00.


District Vehicle Parking
All district vehicle parking stalls and zones are enforced 24 hours daily, seven days a week. Vehicles displaying vendor/district parking permits are exempt from posted loading time restrictions.


Fire Lanes/Fire Hydrants
All roads and driveways on the Citrus College campus which are fire lanes must be kept unobstructed and available to emergency response vehicles at all times. Access to fire hydrants must also be maintained at all times. Any vehicle presenting a hazard by obstructing a fire lane or a fire hydrant may be towed immediately.


Red Curbs
A vehicle may not park or stop at a red curb. Red curbs indicate a fire lane or emergency vehicle access route.


Loading Zones
Loading zones are identified with a yellow curb or yellow crosshatch and the words "Loading Zone" painted on the pavement. Parking is permitted for 10 minutes to facilitate the immediate loading and unloading of material. Loading zones for passengers are identified with a green curb. If it is necessary for the vehicle to remain longer than 10 minutes, the vehicle should be moved to a student parking space. The driver MUST obtain a temporary one-day parking permit from Campus Safety or Automated Pay Station machine before parking in the student parking space.


Overnight Parking
Overnight parking is prohibited unless previously authorized by Campus Safety. Only vehicles displaying overnight permits may park overnight. Camping or residing in a motor vehicle on college property is prohibited. Overnight parking is between the hours of 11 p.m. and 6 a.m.


Parking for Motorcycles, Mopeds, Motorized Bicycles and Scooters
All motorcycles, mopeds, motorized bicycles and scooters must park in areas designated for motorcycles.


Head-In Parking
All vehicles must be parked in parking spaces head-in first. A citation is issued for failure to comply with this regulation.


Speed Limits
Campus speed limit is 15 miles per hour in all parking areas.


Motor Vehicle Access
Operating a motor vehicle on campus sidewalks, malls, lawns, or any surface not specifically designated as a campus road, street, or driveway is prohibited. Only authorized vehicles have service access to these areas.


Removing Posted Signs, or Other Markings or Warning Devices
The removal of any traffic directional or parking sign, fence, barricade, warning device, or other marker used to direct or control vehicle movement is prohibited. In the event of such activity, disciplinary action may be taken, including the filing of criminal charges and/or notification of the appropriate dean or vice president.