Repeating Courses for Credit
In the past, many classes at Citrus College were defined as "Repeatable," meaning a student could take these classes for credit and receive a passing grade more than one time. These included Kinesiology activity classes, hands-on and performance classes in Fine and Performing Arts and Communications, co-operative Education classes, and classes designed specifically for students in the DSPS program.

Recent changes to the rules governing community colleges statewide mean that in most cases these courses are no longer considered generally repeatable. There are a few limited cases where exceptions exist for one of three categories:

1. Competitive Athletics and Conditioning courses (KIN courses numbered 200 and up and KINC courses)
2. Academic courses specifically designed for students to participate in a state-recognized competition
3. Courses that must be repeated to meet lower-division degree requirements at transfer institutions

The new rules also allow individual students to apply to repeat DSPS and adapted physical education.

Course Families
In addition to the changes in repeatability rules, certain courses in Kinesiology and Fine and Performing Arts are now grouped into "families" giving similar educational experiences. These families are listed below as well as in the individual disciplines in which they apply (ART, DANC, KIN, MUSC, MUSE, MUSP, and THEA).

Within any given course family, students are only permitted four "experiences" (enrollments) while enrolled at Citrus College. An experience, in this case, is defined as taking a course and receiving any letter grade, including a substandard grade or withdrawal (D, F, NP, or W). Once a student has received four experiences in a given family, they will not be permitted to enroll in any other class within that family, even to alleviate a sub-standard grade.

This limitation applies to courses taken prior to Fall 2013. Thus, if a student has already received a grade in three courses within a given a family, then they will only be permitted one more attempt at a course within that family. If a student has four or more experiences in a given family prior to Fall 2013, they will not be permitted to attempt any more classes in that family.

In some families there are more than four courses. Regardless, a student will only be permitted to take four of the courses in the family.

Note: Students can no longer receive credit for the same course more than one time unless it is specifically designated a repeatable course (see Repeating Courses for Credit above).

Click here to see the Citrus College Catalog for the latest list of course families.