WingSpan registration is done from a computer using the Internet and is the primary venue for registration at Citrus College.

Registration is by appointment only. During scheduled registration hours, students may register on or after their appointed time but not before. The WingSpan secure site may be accessed Monday through Sunday from 6 a.m. to 12 midnight.

For a smooth registration process, it is recommended the student:

  • clear prerequisites two weeks prior to the student's registration date when applicable.
  • select classes and include the course reference number (CRN).
  • avoid class hour conflicts/overlaps.
  • check for required lab and lecture sections.
  • pay enrollment/tuition fees at time of registration.
  • review the Schedule Planning Tips.

For complete details on how to register, please view the WingSpan Student Handbook.

ALL STUDENTS - to register, you will need your student User ID and a six (6) digit Personal Identification Number (PIN).

Enter the WingSpan secure site to begin registration.

If you experience technical difficulties, contact the Admissions Office at (626) 914-8511.