California Residents attend Citrus College tuition-free and pay enrollment and incidental fees only.
Nonresidents are required to pay the additional per unit nonresident tuition.
International Students are required to pay additional per unit international student tuition.

The enrollment fee is established by the legislature and is subject to change.
The tuition amount to be assessed nonresidents and international students for the next academic year (beginning with the summer term) is established in January by the Board of Trustees.

• Effective with the Summer 2017 term, the student health fee will be $17 per summer and winter intersession of at least four weeks and $20 per fall and spring semester.
• Effective with the Summer 2017 term, the parking fee will be $26 per summer and winter intersession of at least four weeks and $53 per fall and spring semester.

Fees and Expenses for 2017-2018

Enrollment Fee: $46 per unit

InternationalStudent Tuition: $245 per unit
Nonresident Tuition: $245 per unit
Nonresident and international students are required to pay tuition and enrollment fees.

Campus Service Fees

Class Pass Fee
Fall and Spring: Full-time $7
Fall and Spring: Part-time $6
Winter and Summer: Full-time $4
Winter and Summer: Part-time $3

Health Service Fee
Fall and Spring: $20
BOGW Students: $15
Winter and Summer: $17
BOGW Students: $12

Parking Fee
Fall and Spring: $53
Winter and Summer: $26

Student Representation Fee
Fall and Spring: $1
Winter and Summer: $0

Student Service Fee
Fall and Spring: $15
Winter and Summer: $10

All fees and tuition are due at the time of registration.
See Bursar/Cashier website for payment information.

Class Pass Fee
The Class Pass Fee is a transportation fee voted on by students in spring 2017. The Class Pass is a reusable electronic TAP sticker that lets Citrus College students ride Foothill Transit. It is accepted on all Foothill Transit Local and Silver Streak bus lines, which connects students to 22 cities in the San Gabriel and Pomona Valleys, including Downtown Los Angeles. Students enrolled full-time or part-time can get their Class Pass TAP sticker at the Hayden Memorial Library with their student ID. The pass is only available for students enrolled in credit courses. No waivers or exemptions are allowed.

Health Service Fee
The Health Service Fee may be waived only by those students whose religious beliefs require that they rely solely on prayer for healing and for students enrolled in an approved apprenticeship training program. Students can petition to waive the Health Service Fee by picking up a waiver form at the Student Health Center (SHC) located on the first floor of the SS building. The form must be complete and submitted, with documentation, to the SHC for review. This fee is reduced for students whose enrollment fees are paid by BOGW.

Student Service Fee
The Student Service Fee may be waived prior to payment by obtaining a waiver from the Student Affairs Office. This form must be taken to the Cashier on the first floor of the Student Services Building. Once the fee has been waived, you will be able to pay your bill.

Waiving or receiving a refund of the Student Services Fee makes a student ineligible for the benefits associated with this fee.

Student Representation Fee
The $1 Student Representation Fee is to be used solely by the Associated Students of Citrus College to advocate and lobby for legislative issues that affect and benefit community colleges and community college students. The student may, for religious, political, financial, or moral reasons refuse to pay this fee by completing the Student Representation Fee Waiver Form each semester and submitting it to the Office of Student Life (CC) prior to paying for classes and completing the registration process. Waiver requests are subject to approval by the Dean of Students or designee. This fee is non-refundable.

Other Assessments
Career assessment testing - $15 per test
Credit by examination - per-unit enrollment fee charge
Duplicate diploma/certificate - $16
Enrollment verification - $3
Lost book library charge - book replacement cost
Service charge for returned checks - $25
Subpoena - $15
Transcript - Please see Transcript Webpage

Financial Assistance
A variety of state and federal financial assistance programs are available to students enrolling at Citrus.

Parking Permits
Permits are required for all on-campus parking. Visitors who attend events which are not regularly scheduled, but are campus-sponsored, will be need to purchase a daily parking permit for $5 either at the Campus Safety building, located at the Citrus Avenue entrance, or at an Automated Pay Station in parking lots S1, S2, S3, S4, and S8.

The Department of Campus Safety is pleased to introduce iParq - -  an online tool that will allow students to conveniently purchase their parking pass online. iParq eliminates waiting in line to purchase a parking pass. After students complete their purchase, they will receive a temporary parking pass to use until they receive their permanent pass in the mail.

Note: Citrus College will withhold grades, transcripts, degrees, registration privileges or any combination thereof from any student or former student who has failed to pay any financial obligation to the college (e.g. returned check, unpaid registration fee, etc.). Any hold on a student's record will be released when the student satisfactorily meets his or her debt obligation. Debts must be paid in the form of cash or money order, and a bank service charge will be added to the amount due.