This chapter provides background information about the demographic and economic characteristics of the communities within the Citrus Community College District boundaries and its students. This information is organized into seven sections:

  1. Population Trends and Demographics: Current and projected population within the District and demographic characteristics of that population, such as age, race/ethnicity, educational levels, and income;

  2. Employment Trends: Current and projected employment patterns by industry sector linked to the CTE programs currently being offered by the College;

  3. Enrollment Trends: Current and projected patterns of credit and noncredit enrollment;

  4. Student Characteristics: Current demographic characteristics for credit and noncredit students, such as age, race/ethnicity, and educational goals;

  5. Student Success: Current student success measures for credit students, such as successful course completion, retention, and persistence;

  6. Perceptions about Citrus College: Results of interviews and surveys of internal and external stakeholders;

  7. Lessons Learned: A chapter summary that highlights the elements most relevant to educational planning at Citrus College and presents implications for planning.

Unless otherwise cited, the data source is the Citrus College Student Information System.