Redesigning.pdf(Re)designing for Student Success6/4/2015 2:02 PM155 KB  
AnEvaluation.pdfAn Evaluation of the Accelerated Study of Associate Programs6/4/2015 1:58 PM1651 KB  
BasicSkills.pdfBasic Skills as a Foundation for Student Success6/4/2015 2:01 PM1034 KB  
horn_ccc Transfer rates May 2007.pdfCalifornia Community Colleges Transfer Rates: Who is Counted Makes a Difference8/3/2009 3:05 PM382 KB  
CCSSE WASC Toolkit.pdfCCSSE and Accreditation8/3/2009 3:04 PM113 KB  
ClassifyingCommunityColleges.pdfClassifying Community Colleges Based on Students’ Patterns of Use6/4/2015 1:58 PM305 KB  
designprinciples.pdfDesign Principles for Equity and Excellence at Hispanic-Serving Institutions8/18/2015 3:24 PM1060 KB  
examplesachievingfive.pdfExamples of Achieving Five Principles of Equity, June 20158/6/2015 6:55 AM845 KB  
HighImpactPractices.pdfHigh Impact Practices for Community College Engagement6/4/2015 1:59 PM16130 KB  
IR and Culture of Evidence at CC April 2007.pdfInstitutional Research and the Culture of Evidence at Community Colleges8/3/2009 3:08 PM518 KB  
RAND_OP170_DDDM.pdfMaking Sense of Data-Driven Decision Making in Education8/3/2009 3:09 PM271 KB  
on track to complete (2).pdfOn Track to Complete?8/5/2009 3:48 PM650 KB  
Remediation and Effectiveness May 2007.pdfRemediation in the Community College: An Evaluator's Perspective8/3/2009 3:10 PM111 KB  
Building A Culture of Inquiry.pdfRP Group_Building a Culture of Inquiry: Using a Cycle of Exploring Research and Data to Improve Student Success9/1/2015 11:47 AM792 KB  
Principles of Redesign.pdfRP Group_Principles of Redesign: Promising Approaches to Transforming Student Outcomes9/1/2015 11:45 AM758 KB  
Nuances of Completion.pdfRP Group_The Nuances of Completion: Improving Student Outcomes by Unpacking the Numbers9/1/2015 11:44 AM993 KB  
Understanding The Student Experience.pdfRP Group_Understanding the Student Experience Through the Loss_Momentum Framework: Clearing the Path to Completion9/1/2015 11:47 AM829 KB  
Rules_of_the_Game.pdfRules of the Game: How State Policy Creates Barriers to Degree Completion and Impedes Student Success in the California Community Colleges8/3/2009 3:12 PM282 KB  
BirdsEye.pdfThe Bird’s Eye View of Community Colleges6/4/2015 1:56 PM257 KB  
Adelman_MovingIntoTown.pdfThe Community College in the Lives of Traditional-age Students8/3/2009 3:03 PM1550 KB  
Underrepresentation of Latinos and Blacks in CA.pdfUnder-Representation of Latino and African American Transfers8/3/2009 3:13 PM14 KB  
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