Close-up of recording studio equipment  

If you're into movies, concert sound, video and computer games, recording music or making beats, then the Recording Technology program is for you. Our program teaches you the basics of how to record any kind of music, from hip-hop to classical to movie scores, and design sound for games, videos or the internet and everything in between.

Recording Technology is a year program with projects that focus on each of these areas to prepare you for a career in the exciting and growing world of music and entertainment.

Areas of employment are: live sound, record production, location audio for film/tv, post-production for film/tv, audio for games, audio for the internet, live and recorded sound for churches and many other specialized areas.

There are many recording, editing and mixing projects to emphasize and improve specific skills in both semesters. The main projects in the second semester are a Record Production project which takes a band from the talent search stage all the way through mixing. The other project is an audio for video project where the student gets a five-minute video clip and has to put in all of the audio, dialog, music and sound effects.

We have a thriving alumni community that helps other grads find employment.

About 40% of our graduates work in Los Angeles at major studios, including The Record Plant, Sony Pictures, Firehouse Studio, Ocean Way, Larrabee, Track Record, Capitol, Sage & Sound, Royaltone, The Village, Paramount Recording, Westlake Audio, and post-production houses including Ascent Media, Chace Productions, Encore Hollywood, Keep Me Posted, Oracle Post, Post Logic Studios, Paramount Studios, Warner Brothers Studios, Pop Sound, Wilshire Stage, E-Films and at NARAS (the Grammys).

AS in Recording Technology
Certificate in Audio Recording Technology