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Welcome to the Citrus College Office Technology and Computer Applications Programs

The Citrus College Office Technology and Computer Applications program prepares the student for a career in a professional office environment. As the business office relies increasingly (as well as all aspects of life) on technology, organizations need well-trained, capable individuals to ensure that daily tasks are handled efficiently and effectively.

Students participating in the Citrus College Office Technology and Computer Applications program, will learn the technical and interpersonal skills that will make them key players in day-to-day operations. The curriculum is designed for students who wish to combine knowledge of office administrative procedures with a basic knowledge of business practices and a background of liberal arts.

This program provides students with the technical and academic skills to be employed in administrative and support services area, which includes: office clerk, information clerk, customer service representative, records clerk, financial clerk, receptionist, secretary, and administrative assistant.

Our students will study and acquire practical hands-on skills using the current Microsoft Office Suite, including word processing, spreadsheets, databases, presentation, scheduling and time management and other communications technologies, allowing them to develop skills that will move them to the top of an organization's must-hire list.

About the Program  

The Citrus College Office Technology and Computer Applications certificate program provides students with the skills necessary to excel in the office environment. The program prepares students for both entry-level and advanced administrative skills. Students become proficient in keyboarding, word processing, computerized communications, office applications and procedures. Students are encouraged to develop individual areas of interest as technology is threaded through all aspects of business and personal application. Administrative assistants use technology to originate, access, manage and manipulate information. In addition, they function independently in initiating office communications, accessing and tracking records and information, and problem solving the various details of the day-to-day office operations. As members of management teams, they are able to assume responsibility and work independently to exercise initiative and judgment, and to adapt to new concepts and products. The program, once successfully completed, provides for a well-rounded employee with skills and abilities to enrich the working world.