Death Valley - Zabriskie Point - sunrise  

Author and preservationist John Muir once said that "in every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks." Students of natural history can appreciate this sentiment. These "naturalists" or "natural historians" study plants and animals in their natural environment.

For many, the outdoors is their office, with their work including everything from studying plant and animal communities to investigating the processes affecting our environment. In fact, careers in this industry are varied. A degree in natural history may lead to entry-level positions in the fields of forestry, fishery, or wildlife management. Positions are also available in natural history museums, botanical gardens, and other areas of outdoor education.

NAT 180A Natural History Series – Death Valley
NAT 180B Natural History Series – Deserts
NAT 181A Natural History Series – Coastlines
NAT 181B Natural History Series – Coastal Mountains and Islands
NAT 182A Natural History Series – Inland Mountains
NAT 182B Natural History Series – Inland Valleys

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