In this curriculum, you’ll learn to troubleshoot, diagnose and repair all of the systems on a modern over-the-road, diesel powered trucks. This program combines classroom studies with practical, hands-on training in a lab setting working on trainers, simulators, and a variety of over-the road equipment. Expert instructors will teach you to use advanced diagnostic tools and procedures to service and repair the latest electronic equipment.

Our one-year (two-semester) program will prepare you for a career as a journeyman diesel technician by training you in the fundamentals of medium and heavy truck engine repair. For persons already working in the field, an evening program allows you to upgrade your skills in specialized areas. Traditional classroom instruction is supplemented with hands on experience.

Courses provide a broad-based and thorough education in the basics of diesel mechanics, maintenance and repair. Your courses will cover such topics as: engines/computer controls; fuel systems; automatic/manual transmissions; power trains; air/hydraulic brakes; electrical systems; and accessory power units.

Learn in a State-of-the-Art Facility
Our Regional Medium and Heavy Truck Technology Center houses 22,000 square feet of classroom and lab areas. It is the largest in the state and among the most technologically advanced.

Equipment and tools reflect current technology, enabling you to work on engines, clutches, transmissions, gear reduction units, drive lines, steering, suspension and electronic components of trucks.

Special features include: nine service bays for working on trucks, including one for body and fender work; a spray booth large enough to paint a 40 passenger bus; full electrical service, accommodating 110, 220, 440­ and 480 volt machinery; complete access for persons with disabilities; safety features, including a fire door that closes automatically in the presence of high temperatures and a filtered exhaust system to remove carbon monoxide from the building.

A Career in Demand

There is a constant demand for certificated men and women in this field due to the increasing number of diesel units transporting goods across the North American corridors.

As a certified technician, you will earn wages well above the national average. After completion of the one year program and working in the field for two years, you may earn as much as $45,000 per year as a journeyman/technician.

Cooperative programs with major diesel and automotive companies support the program and ensure that the latest technologies are being taught to students. Isuzu Motors Inc. has its corporate medium truck program here at Citrus.

Citrus' diesel technology graduates have a 70 percent placement rate.

Medium and Heavy Diesel - Truck Technology Certificate