The Energy Systems Technology program at Citrus College will create a specialist in a career that has previously been filled by a variety of professionals, such as Civil Engineering Technicians, Construction Trades Supervisors, Electrical and Electronics Drafters, Electrical and Electronics Repairers, Industrial Engineering Technicians, Maintenance and Repair Workers, Production and Operating Supervisors, and Boiler Operators.

drawing of different energy-related optionsCourses will prepare students for designing and maintaining building systems with an emphasis on sustainability and energy efficiency. Employment as a Building Systems Design Technician, or Building Maintenance and Operations Technician, is available in both the public and the private sectors.

The EST program objectives are to prepare students to be able to:

  • identify, categorize, and describe each system in a building, as well as describing the purpose and functions of each system in a building, as required in the building industry.
  • describe how each building system works, according to current industry standards.
  • explain the basic interface between each of the building systems in a written exam, according to current standards in the building industry.
  • explain the biological concepts of sustainability and renewable resources in a demonstration or group project in order to apply that knowledge to building systems.
  • describe and explain the legislation and regulations relevant to sustainability and green technology in order to be compliant with current industry parameters.
  • describe the green building certification processes and criteria in order to demonstrate best practices in the building industry.
  • design a plan for energy efficiency which including components, programs, and strategies according to highest industry standards.
  • compare the return of green building life cycle costing in order to apply this knowledge on thee job.