Our comprehensive program for both international students and resident students is designed to help you improve your English skills and prepare for academic life at Citrus College. Courses include reading, writing, grammar and oral communication.

Students at Citrus College can earn a degree while taking credit ESL courses, or beginning ESL students can take noncredit ESL through continuing education.

Credit ESL courses help students improve their English, as well as prepare them to succeed in academic course work. There are five ESL levels (low intermediate to advanced) with several classes in each level. After students apply to Citrus College, they take an English placement exam and are placed in an ESL level. Students in Levels 4 and higher may take academic courses along with ESL courses. Students usually complete ESL course work in one or two semesters.

Summary of ESL Credit Classes

The Citrus College Noncredit Department offers beginning, intermediate and advanced levels of ESL classes to help non-English and limited English speaking students develop their English skills. It is possible to begin English instruction with noncredit ESL and then enroll in credit ESL (students will take the English placement exam). 

Study English as a Second Language Instructional Program Brochure