Level 2 - Low Intermediate Classes

ESL 020
English Skills I

In this class you will learn to write simple phrases and basic sentences. You will also develop reading skills and vocabulary. Another valuable part of this class is learning necessary skills to perform well in college classes.

ESL 022
Pronunciation/Conversation I

This class will help you build confidence in oral expression. You will learn how you can improve your pronunciation and how to participate in class discussions.
ESL 024
Vocabulary/Reading I

You will expand English vocabulary used in business, social and academic situations through oral and written practice. You will improve your reading comprehension by learning reading strategies.
ESL 026
Grammar Fundamentals I

Grammar classes are great! You review and practice verb tenses, syntax, and subject-verb agreement in a communicative context. You will learn to identify and correct common grammatical errors and recognize common patterns of grammatical use.

Level 3 - Intermediate Classes
ESL 030
English Skills II

This class helps you write more complex sentences as well as develop reading/analysis skills. You will learn how to take notes and write narrative and descriptive paragraphs.
ESL 032
Pronunciation/Conversation II

More pronunciation help for you! You can build pronunciation skills in this class and reduce your accent. You will learn appropriate use of idioms, and how to participate in class discussions in an academic setting. You will also develop listening skills.
ESL 034
Vocabulary/Reading II

As you expand your vocabulary and reading skills, you learn how to use appropriate vocabulary in college contexts, develop reading strategies and understand organizational devices (main idea, transitions, conclusions).
ESL 036
Grammar Fundamentals II

In this grammar class you will review and practice conjunctions, passive voice, comparisons, articles and dependent clauses. You will also practice writing grammatically accurate compound sentences.

Level 4 - High Intermediate Classes
ESL 040
English Skills III (parallels English 040)

This class prepares high-intermediate ESL students for ESL 100. You increase your skills by writing multiple paragraphs that develop topics in a coherent and unified manner. You will also read and analyze diverse academic reading materials.
ESL 042
Pronunciation/Conversation III

This class focuses on comprehension and communication of spoken English in an academic setting. You learn how to participate in college-level class discussions, learn speech techniques and do advanced work in intonation and rhythm.
ESL 044
Vocabulary/Reading III

You will develop college level vocabulary and reading skills in this helpful reading class. You'll learn how to comprehend prose and non-prose texts, develop critical reader skills necessary in college settings and develop vocabulary and word analysis ability.
ESL 046
Grammar Review I

This class provides oral and written practice with more advanced uses of verb tense, gerunds, infinitives and modals. Intensive practice of using correct grammatical structures assists you with writing in academic contexts.

Level 5 - Low Advanced Classes
ESL 100
Fundamentals of Composition (parallels English 100)

This composition class prepares high-intermediate and advanced ESL students for college level writing. You will review and practice fundamentals of critical thinking and write essays with emphasis on exposition, using a clearly stated thesis. When you successfully complete this class, you are writing at the college level! 
ESL 053
Bridge to College Literature

This course prepares students for English 101 by helping advanced ESL students develop the skills necessary for analyzing and writing about literature in English at the college level.
ESL 054
Bridge to College Reading

This is the class that will help you prepare for READING 099. You will read and analyze academic texts in preparation for college-level coursework and learn to function independently as a critical reader in college settings.
ESL 056
Grammar Review II

If you are an advanced student but still have some trouble with complex English grammar, this is the class for you. Practice complex grammatical structures as you learn to comprehend and respond accurately to structures typical of those in college level textbooks and classroom discourse.

Level 6 - Advanced Classes
ESL 101
Reading and Composition (parallels English 101)

This advanced composition and reading course is designed especially for ESL students. While it parallels English 101, it is different because the reading is not literature based. You will receive instruction and practice in expository writing and research techniques.

Elective Classes - 1 unit each
ESL 070
Idioms I

This interactive and lively class introduces intermediate-level students to the most frequently occurring idiomatic expressions - the colloquial speech often heard outside the classroom.
ESL 090
Idioms II

This class continues Idioms I, for more advanced-level students.
ESL 072

This class for international intermediate-level students develops the skills required for the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) test (listening, writing, test taking strategies).
ESL 092

This class continues TOEFL I for more advanced-level students.
ESL 084
Speech Communication I

Here is a helpful class to assist intermediate-level students to develop confidence when speaking before a group. Students deliver and listen to variety of speech forms.
ESL 094
Speech Communication II

For advanced-level students to develop interpersonal and group communication skills needed in the college environment. Students lead and participate in weekly group discussions.