Students are considered absent at call of roll during the first day of class. Students who are not present when their name is called on the first day will be dropped, and their seats may be put into a lottery system for waiting students. The instructor is NOT required to wait a specified amount of time before dropping a student, nor is the instructor required to add a student.

Students should ensure they are in class promptly at the prescribed meeting time. Students should allow time for parking, traffic, and unforeseen circumstances in ensuring he/she is in the classroom on the first day when roll is called. Generally, there are approximately 20-30 students trying to add.

Los Angeles County Department of Health Services (DHS) regulations require that there may be no more than 35 students at the beginning of the first day, regardless of how many may students may drop.

There is no auditing of the class allowed.


A student is considered tardy when he/she is not present at the call of roll. For each time a student is tardy/late, a record will be made. Once a student is late three (3) times, this will be recorded and considered one (1) absence.

Los Angeles County Department of Health Services requires the college drop a student after two (2) absences for the Friday course, and after four (4) absences for the Monday/Wednesday course.  When the course is offered during a summer session, a student will be dropped after two (2) absences. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Students are required to wear the Citrus College EMT uniform to class each day once issued. Students showing up to class out of uniform and not well groomed will be considered late. Failing to show up in uniform three (3) times will result in an absence being recorded on a student's record.

The instructor reserves the right to change this policy based on Department of Health Services or district guidelines changes, 2010.