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Chemistry's importance cannot be overstated. Our universe is composed of chemicals. Knowing how to manipulate these chemicals has led to the development of everything from ice cream to computers.

The study of chemistry can be an intimidating prospect. A basic science, it is concerned with the structure and behavior of atoms; the composition and properties of compounds; the reactions between substances; and the laws that unite these into a comprehensive system.

Students hoping for a career as a chemist must hold a minimum of a bachelor's degree. However, a basic understanding of the subject is needed in many other fields.

CHEM 103 College Chemistry*
CHEM 104 College Chemistry
CHEM 110 Beginning General Chemistry
CHEM 111 General Chemistry
CHEM 112 General Chemistry
CHEM 210 Organic Chemistry
CHEM 211L Organic Chemistry Lab
CHEM 220 Organic Chemistry
CHEM 221L Organic Chemistry Lab
* Registered Nursing prerequisite

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