Collage representing molecular biology This is an exciting time to be a student of biology. Biology involves the study of living organisms and this particular science is in the midst of an era of exceptional growth. From genetic engineering to medical research to "green" technology, discoveries being made in the field today have the potential to remedy some of modern life's most critical problems.

There are several career paths aspiring biologists can take, including research, health care, environmental management, forensic science, politics and policy, and education. Despite the area of concentration or chosen career field, there will always be a need for educated individuals with a strong understanding and appreciation of biology.

Anatomy/Physiology: Every thought we make and movement we take is the direct result of anatomy. As a science, it is extremely unique because its research field is with us wherever we go.

The study of anatomy is a series of related disciplines in which the structure and function of the human body is examined. Its findings have revealed everything from how the brain works to how damaged tissue is repaired and regenerated.

Careers in anatomy are diverse, but can include medical research and allied health therapies. It can serve as a background for those students interested in a career in medicine, surgery, and even fine art.

BIOL Courses

ADT in Biology
A.S. in Biological Sciences
A.S. in Pre-Allied Health

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