Mission Statement
We are the Citrus College Completion Corps. We believe Citrus College Completion is the pathway for each student to achieve greater earning potential and opportunities. Our mission is to have students go beyond just taking classes and instead commit to completing their academic goal. We will strive to encourage students, faculty, staff, administration, and the Board of Trustees to form partnerships to provide the necessary resources and support for Citrus students to complete their goals. We ask our fellow students to take responsibility for their education and to remember that their success depends on their choices and actions.

Student "To-Do" List
· Attend every class meeting
· Make goals a priority by managing time well
· Complete a Student Education Plan (SEP)
· Use Citrus College's support services (see below)
· Find best time and place for focused studying
· Form or participate in a study group
· Evaluate performance on exams and projects
· Join a school club or organization
· Check Citrus College e-mail account daily
· Visit professors during their office hours
· Speak to professors/counselors before dropping a class
· Never give up on path to success!

Click here to download the "To Do" List for your reference.

Complete a Citrus Community College Degree or Credential
You could earn up to $200,000 more during your life time than those who don't complete. Citrus College Completion is your pathway to greater earning potential and opportunities. Don’t just take a class, complete your degree!

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